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Boarding schools across South Africa have produced great leaders and sportsman. Even President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela went to a boarding school near Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa called Healdtown Methodist Boarding School now called Healdtown Comprehensive School.

There is not much that is more important than a sound, well-rounded education that takes the whole student into account. The molding of true gentlemen and ladies, young minds, futures leaders and businessmen is an extremely significant undertaking and as a result not one to be taken lightly. These individuals will represent the next generation. Consequently much of this responsibility rests on our boarding schools.

Boarding schools across South Africa create opportunities for children to:

Achieve academically in addition to sports
Gain confidence- but not arrogance
Form lasting friendships
Become independent
Achieve on the sports field

Boarding Schools
Living and studying at a boarding school helps pupils to become more responsible and reliable, while their self-confidence is strengthened and Their manners and social skills which pupils acquire help them to develop talents in leadership, as well as learning to adapt to difficult situations.

Most boarding schools are very strict about homework, so you can be confident that your child is getting it done in a distraction-free environment – often in designated time slots, so your child has no choice but to do it.
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