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Team Impact Ministries is an independent non-denominational ministry that offers voluntary affiliation to ministers, ministries, and Christian leaders who desire to receive ministry credentials in accordance with our bylaws.
Apostolic ministries are crucial to enabling the body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission in the church and the marketplace.

We know clearly that God is the only one who can truly ordain and set in place and unless He has first ordained, any man’s recognition is in vain.
Team Impact Ministries is birthed out of a need for a place for those who are called into ministry to have relationship, covering, accountability, fellowship, and validation. Joining Team Impact Ministries will provide members with a place to belong to a like minded family.

Our function is to serve others and provide resources and support instead of trying to control what they do. Each should maintain their local sovereignty and control. We seek to network with others for the purpose of personal and corporate fellowship, growth, development, and ministry. We provide ministry to the leader and ministry while protecting unique individuality and autonomy. We apply a New Testament pattern of apostolic relationship and development that promotes the idea of local and sovereign ministries.

We can do so much more corporately than we can do alone while finding protection and a sense of family and relationship with those who join us in God’s mission.
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