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*Hair Grow Tonic *R200 - No chemicals added. Promotes blood flow to the scalp, which helps new hair growth. Whether you want thicker hair or longer hair faster, this product WORKS. Great results with cancer patients, people with thyroid problems, Lupus and Alopecia.
*Ph Intense Cleanser Shampoo *R200 – Will balance the Ph level of your hair to a healthy ph level and will remove residue and product (gell, hairspray etc) build-up from hair and unclog hair follicles for healthier hair growth. Will prevent split-ends and controls frizzy hair. Leaves hair very clean and glossy. To be used 2-3 times a week.
*Nourish and renew shampoo *R110. - reinvigorate hair with vibrancy and shine. Refreshing smell. Ph balanced and for everyday use.
*Conditioner *R120 – for soft, shiny and manageable hair. Refreshing smell. Ph balanced and for everyday use.
*Silver Shampoo *R150 – Ultra special shampoo with violet-blue neutralising agent. Helps reduce undesired dull, yellow tones on hair. The purpose of this shampoo is to give blonde and highlighted a brighter look.  You can use it to give hair extra shine, neutralise yellows and keep highlights looking fresh. Adds shimmering brightness to grey and white hair.
*Leave in Protein *R130 – A light mist provides protein to the hair shaft.  This ideal leave-in conditioner is great for hair restoration and making hair more manageable, while it repairs damage.  Gives hair volume as well. Fresh fragrance leaves hair with a clean smell all day long.
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