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We provide comprehensive Ships Agency services, Customs Clearing, International Freight Forwarding and the marketing of global Tank Container services.

A growing footprint throughout emerging markets
Our logistic services are able to offer extended services to shippers and importers wishing us to arrange for the full supply chain management function no matter how big or small the cargo may be.

Sturrock Grindrod Maritime is one of the largest shipping and logistics companies in South and East Africa. Our business lines include ships agency, clearing and forwarding, procurement and technical support, Sturrock Grindrod Maritime provides full-chain, reliable solutions to our customers.

We pride ourselves on our steadfast and dedicated service. Many of our international principals and clients have utilized our maritime expertise for over thirty years.

Sturrock Grindrod Maritime has had an ISO 9001 quality management system in place since 1996 and currently operates on a Level 2 empowerment scorecard.
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