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• Professional Architectural Design for Residential, Industrial, Commercial, and Social Buildings.
• Fenestration Calculations to SANS 204, SANS 10400 XA (Rational Designs)
• Building Services Engineering & Design: Mechanical & Electrical Systems, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, Fire Detection, Lighting, Energy Efficient Switching, CCTV & Security Systems
• Professional Interior Design and Decor: Furniture Layouts, Customized Fittings, Space Optimization.
• Solar Water Heaters, Heat Pumps, Air- Conditioners
• Grey water recycling systems, Rain Water Tanks and Potable Water Treatment Systems.
• Solar Powered Lighting
• LED lights (Down lights and Fittings)
• Daylight Sensors, Motion Sensors
• Solar Power Systems, Customized Packages, On/Off grid systems

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